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How to Find More Information About the Data?

FRED publishes data from various sources. We provide multiple ways on how to navigate to the dataset on the source's website.

Option 1: Below a graph, go to the “NOTES” section. Next to “Release” (on the right-hand side of the first line), click the name of the release (see the red box below) to go to the webpage of that release.


Below the “NOTES” section in the “RELATED CONTENT” section, click the “More Series from…” link under “Releases.”


Option 2: If you know the official name of the release, from the main FRED page, choose to browse by “Release.” On the “Releases” page (as shown below), click the release name of interest.


On the page that opens, in the left-hand column under “Tools” (at the top of the column), click “Release Website.”


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