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Add User Defined Straight Line to a FRED Graph

Customize your graph by adding a straight line between two data points.

To create a user-defined line, above the graph, click the “EDIT GRAPH” button.


In the pop-up box that appears, select the “ADD LINE” tab. Click the “Create user-defined line.”

Trend line_1

At the bottom of the new page that appears, click “Create user-defined line” again. Next click “Create line.”

Trend line_2

A default line will appear from the first data observation to the most recent data observation.

Trend line_3

To customize the line, (i) click the “Date start/end” box and select the year and months from the pop-up options or (ii) type values in “Value start/end” boxes.

Date start/end (see box 2): Input the dates of interest to change the length of the line.

Value start/end (see box 3): Input the values of interest to change the slope of the line.

Click the trash can button to remove the line from the graph (see box 1).

Trend line_4

To change other line settings, you will need to click the "FORMAT" tab. NOTE: you will need to remember what number line is your User-defined line. In this example, the line number is 2.

Color: Click the box to reveal a pop-up pallet of colors from which to choose a line color.

Line Style: Click the drop-down menu and select “Solid,” “Dash,” “Dot,” or “DashDot.”

Width (see Arrow 6): Click the drop-down menu and select “1,” “2,” “3,” “4,” or “5.”

Trend line_5

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